Follow to Activate Roku Device

Roku is a streaming media player. User can stream movies, TV shows, songs and any entertainment content by using Roku link code. Roku is Not only for entertainment channels, but roku also offers , gaming, fitness and much more is available on the platform.

Roku Activation Code - Process to Find Roku Code Link

If you want to Enjoy roku tv, then you need to activate roku first. So the Roku link code or roku activation code is an alphanumeric code which is used to activate roku device. Roku activation code is case sensitive and is displayed on tv . To Find your activation code, Follow these steps:

When you create & login to user need to set the language & location & connect device with a good internet connection. When roku user is connected with wireless internet, the roku device will attempt to install or update a few software.

After the roku software is updated, Roku link code will be displayed on tv. use the roku code to activate your roku.

Steps to Setup Account

To setup roku device, open the box and make sure that the Roku device and all the other necessary accessories are there in the box.

Use the HDMI cable or USb cable to connect your TV with the Roku device . Put the usb cable small end of the cable to the Roku and another end to the TV's USB slot to power up the player. & turn on roku device &tv.

Roku logo can be seen on device.
Connect your device with internet (Ethernet or wireless connection)

How to activate Roku Account?

Open your browser & type account. user will see the form Where user need to fill their name, email address, password. while entering password user need to also enter unique PIN for your account Click on agree to the terms & conditions to continue the roku account setup.

User will be redirected to payment merchant site option. Where user needs to enter the card information or net banking information to make payment.

Steps to Login in Roku Account

If you have roku account already , then you need to sign in at steps to login to roku account:

Open chrome or edge browser & open account. Enter the login details (email, password) & click on login button. You will get an activation code.

Go to page & type the roku activation code. The roku device will be activated . After the successful roku device activation, user will be able to start streaming all the channels.

User need to set the language & location.

Primary Requirements for Roku Account Setup?

• Roku Streaming Player
• Television (TV)
• Computer or Mobile Device
• Internet Connection (Wired or Wireless)
• Payment Credentials (Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Net Banking details)

Steps to Get the Roku Link Enter Code From your Remote?

User can also get the roku activation code from the remote. Press on the start button on the remote to get the new code. You can enter the new Roku link enter code link and successfully complete the process.